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Enabling communication abilities in items, things and machines, obtaining data by dense sensor networks serving as a foundation of modern services and values for safety, quality of life, diagnosing phenomena and delivery of business improvements. We strive to become a recognizable provider of products and solutions in the area of non-consumer Internet of Things through our expertise in the cloud computing, low power communication and sensor technologies.

We demonstrate innovation in our R&D procjects..

Our Team



many years of experience and gaining knowledge in the ICT, a graduate of University of Technology in Electronics and Telecommunications and  International MBA studies. In ReviveMachines, Marek holds all business matters in order and focuses on business development. 



Technology Guru

an academic lecturer and PhD in technical sciences, many years of exipirence in electronics industry. 
A specialist in design and development of digital systems based on microprocessors and programmable logic (FPGAs). An expert in C/C++ , embedded and distributed systems. 




a group of co-workers, partners and investors who support us in work and provide invaluable contribution in the projects conducted by us. The IoT cannot be cultivated by us alone, therefore, we maintain cooperation with various educational, technology and business partners.  

EU Funds

Project info

Title: A universal microprocessor hardware platform for sensor applications in LPWAN networks for autonomous sensors and sensor networks with an option of gaining energy from the surrounding (energy harvesting).
Objectives and results: A design of platform will enable implementation of various innovative IoT products based on LPWAN sensors or sensor networks with an option of energy harvesting.

Entire budget: 359044,38 PLN
UE funds: 248120,10 PLN

Contractor: Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Electronics.